About Manny.

Manny Ventura is a Premier Marketing Expert and award-winning Keynote Speaker. He Helps Entrepreneurs take their business to the next level and speaks in College Campuses on How to Be Resilient and Never Give Up on Going After your first Job or starting your own business. He is on a mission to help young professionals Become MORE and Truly Believe in Their Abilities to perform at the Highest Level.

Manny has the gift of connecting with any audience, relating to them on a personal level, and inspiring them to bring out the best in themselves and people around them.

Manny Gets it. He was born in Providence, RI to Dominican parents and grew up with Cleft lip and had 3 surgeries as baby when he was months old and another surgery at age 15 when he piece of hip bone was removed and fatty tissues inserted in his mouth to even out his lip. 

By age 15 Manny had 4 surgeries his face and also grew up on Section 8, Food Stamps, and Welfare and moved every year. He understands the struggles people have gone through and allows people to use their Battle Scars in Life to Empower People Who Want More From Life.  He brings his best practices from his experience as a way to inspire and Help people understand no matter the scars you have in life- You Were Born to Be Great!

Community activist

Manny works with major Food Conglomerates like Kellogg’s, Mondelez International, Nestle, Plant-Based Food companies, CBD Companies and Health organizations.

He helps them achieve better recognition, customer loyalty, and increase their bottom-line profits. His signature high- energy keynote presentations make him a top-rated speaker at every event.


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Manny is an alumnus from renowned business school, Bentley University with a degree in Business Management. Manny sits on the board of South Side Community Land Trust, a nonprofit organization that serves to deliver fresh healthy foods in underserved communities and College Visions which helps 1st generation low income students gain access to college.

He teaches Youth Farmer Educations Students Financial Literary, College Planning, and Sustainable Agricultural Farming! Manny also Students How to Budget Their Money, College Planning, Financial Literacy, and Agriculture Sustainability.

When he is not working, Manny enjoys playing chess with his little sister, buying real estate, teaching Financial Literacy workshops for high school students, and writing romantic love novels.